Removal of a Director

Welcome to our guide on the removal of directors in various types of companies in India. Whether you operate a Private Limited Company, Public Limited Company, or a One Person Company (OPC), understanding the grounds for removal, the process involved, and related FAQs is crucial for maintaining effective corporate governance. Let's delve into the details:

Types of Companies in India:

1. Private Limited Company:
  • Minimum two and maximum 200 members.
  • Limited liability for members.
  • Shares cannot be freely traded on the stock exchange.
  • 2. Public Limited Company:
  • Minimum three directors and seven members.
  • Can raise capital through the public by issuing shares.
  • Shares are freely transferable on the stock exchange.
  • 3. One Person Company (OPC):
  • Single-member company.
  • Limited liability for the sole member.
  • Can have more than one director.
  • Grounds for Removal of Director:

    1. Breach of Duty:
  • If a director breaches their fiduciary duties or acts against the interests of the company.
  • 2. Misappropriation of Funds:
  • If a director is found involved in misappropriation or embezzlement of company funds.
  • 3. Insolvency:
  • If a director becomes insolvent or bankrupt.
  • 4. Criminal Offenses:
  • Conviction of a director for any criminal offenses.
  • 5. Non-Performance:
  • Persistent non-performance or negligence in discharging duties.
  • 6. Shareholder Vote:
  • Removal through a special resolution passed by shareholders in a general meeting.
  • Process of Removing a Director:

    1. Board Meeting:
  • Convene a board meeting to discuss and decide on the removal of the director.
  • 2. Special Resolution:
  • Pass a special resolution in a general meeting to seek approval from shareholders for removal.
  • 3. Filing with RoC:
  • File the necessary forms (such as DIR-12) with the Registrar of Companies (RoC) within 30 days of the removal.
  • 4. Intimation to Director:
  • Provide a notice to the director being removed, informing them of the decision.
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    Yes, a director can be removed by passing a special resolution even without their consent.

    Legal actions can be initiated against the director to enforce the removal.

    The Companies Act does not specify a cooling-off period. Reappointment is subject to the company's Articles of Association.

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